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  1. Ok I write a well thought out idea
  2. The only hope for
  3. Thanks for 20 gifts
  4. Some BB20 Highlights
  5. As much as I dislike Angela as a person
  6. I got off work
  7. Yall fighting over patties
  8. That's who you gave 5 stars wins?
  9. Every damn time
  10. Bb20 should've had 2 battlebacks
  11. This lady had asked for "extra ice"
  12. If you dont cry when Julie Chen
  13. And some of yall will still defend her
  14. Angela Bassett PROVING
  15. TG shop owners are braver than the marines
  16. He shouldn't have spammed me out
  17. @admin
  18. MA PETITE.
  19. Tengaged
  20. I hope JC gets 5th
  21. The infamous dead fetus design (pic)
  22. Hello my name is Luis and I dont share stats.
  23. Who would you say is the better alliance?
  24. Who wants to join me on my mission
  25. Imagine not being present when
  26. You could stop at 5 or 6 stores
  27. What's wrong with Angela?!
  28. Viva México!
  29. Kaycee using the veto would be such a
  30. Fuck my drag right?
  32. Me when SmoothStalker12
  33. I wont be able to get over
  34. I need a frat
  35. Mariah's new single a bop
  36. Sia is so underrated
  37. I can see BBUK inviting Julie Chen
  38. I cant belive Sam is the only worthy HG left
  39. You can tell Tyler hasn't played frooks
  40. Me watching the ahs episode

The year is 2011

Jun 25, 2018 by _Adidas_
you're in the room with ur best friend after u beg ur mom/dad to have them sleepover and suddenly receive a "nm hbu" text on your flip from your crush and your heart begins to race. To finish your night your mom/dad stomps in the room telling u to go to bed and stop going on omegle to talk to strangers.
life was gud


is life not good anymore?
Sent by Philip13,Jun 25, 2018
this tale had me gripped from beginning to end
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 25, 2018

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