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Sims Big Brother Episode 3

Aug 18, 2019 by Yandereboy12
Before we start you know the rules dont watch future episodes or ill kick u off  and 2 tell me what do u think of the first evicted and the


Isabella Antonb
Jace Lhooper902976
Maritza Hellocat
Derrick Firex
Cassandra austino15fffan
Tristen Jameslu
Mckenzie  Patricenka9
Doug Piesyumyyumypies
Opal Glinda
Issac Prague
Wesley Gay_Horse_
Valarie Tide
Darren Jasoi
Dirk Colincoco
Nina Gilsgirl
Leah Amnesia_


So glad Wesley’s ass is out he was just irritating to watch. Opal winning HOH should be interesting and I wonder what she’ll do to shake up the house
Sent by AntonB,Aug 18, 2019
oop at me being first boot. Wesley was an asshole tho
Sent by Gay_Horse_,Aug 19, 2019
I still need to watch but I dont have the time
Sent by ColinCoco,Aug 19, 2019

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