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Is there any hope for Jillian? Jul 4, 2017
I'd rather Christmas leave tbh.
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Kinda funny Jan 17, 2017
How people can vote you out of a game and laugh about it but then pm you saying they are so sorry. Like okay?
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Has anyone ever heard of The Genius? Jan 10, 2017
Like the South Korean television show. Cause if there is anyone, like, if anyone would be interested in co hosting a group game with me based on that format.

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So is Tengaged dead now? Oct 27, 2016
Like legit the blogs page was never this slow and dry...
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Omg Oct 27, 2016
Can't believe it's been a month and a half since I've been on Tengaged.
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Is Survivor Guatemala Sep 1, 2016
Any good? Is it worth binging?
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