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Big Brother Losers vs Winners (Finale pt.2)

Sep 23, 2014 by Warthhogs
This season has all the first evicted and the winners of the seasons of big brother. They will be split into two houses. The losers' house and the winners' house, they will have a competition and the house that wins is safe, the house that looses has to go through a normal BB week (HOH, POV, Eviction) once 17 houseguests have been evicted, the houses will combine to one.
34th- Andy Herren (BB15) [Winner] {Week 1}
33rd- Mike Lubinski (BBUS5) [Loser] {Week 2}
32nd- Sheryl Braxton (BBUS2) [Loser] {Week 3}
31st- Will Kirby (BBUS2) [Winner] {Week 4}
30th- Jillian MacLaughlin (BBCAN1) [Winner] {Week 5}
29th- Dick Donato (BBUS8) [Winner] {Week 6}
28th- Jonathan 'Jon' Pardy (BBCAN2) [Winner] and Jacob Heald (BBUS9) [Loser] {Week 7}
26th- Mike 'Boogie' Malin (BBUS7) [Winner] {Week 7}
25th- Carol Journey (BBUS8) [Loser[ {Week 7}
24th- David Girton (BBUS15) [Loser] {Week 8}
23rd- Eddie McGee (BBUS1) [Winner] {Week 9}
22nd- Branden Bacha (BBUS11) [Loser] {Week 10}
21st- Anick Gervais (BBCAN2) [Loser] {Week 11}
20th- Brian Hart (BBUS10) [Loser] {Week 12}
19th- Drew Daniel (BBUS5) [Winner] {Week 13}
18th- Lisa Donahue (BBUS3) [Winner] {Week 14}
17th- Amanda Craig (BBUS4) [Loser] {Week 15}
16th- Kat Yee (BBCAN1) [Loser] {Week 16}
15th- Ian Terry (BBUS14) [Winner] {Week 17}
14th- Keith Henderson (BBUS13) [Loser] {Week 18}
13th- Alison Irwin (BBUS7) [Loser] {Week 19}
12th- Annie Whittington (BBUS12) [Loser] {Week 20}
11th- Jodi Rollins (BBUS14) [Loser] {Week 21}
10th- William Collins (BBUS1) [Loser] {Week 22}
9th- Dan Geesling (BBUS10) [Winner] {FAST FORWARD}
8th- Hayden Moss (BBUS12) [Winner] {Week 23}
7th- Ashlea Evans (BBUS6) [Loser] {Week 24]
6th- Maggie Ausburn (BBUS6) [Winner] {Week 25}
5th- Lori Olsen (BBUS3) [Loser] {Week 26}
~No losers left in the house~
4th- Jun Song (BBUS4) [Winner] {Week 27}
3rd- Rachel Reilly (BBUS13) [Winner] {Week 28}

Season Rankings-
17th- BB2
16th- BB8
15th- BB15
14th- BBCAN2
13th- BB5
12th- BBCAN1
11th- BB7
10th- BB14
9th- BB1
8th- BB10
7th- BB12
6th- BB6
5th- BB3
4th- BB4
3rd- BB13

Time for more votes...

The public votes for...

Lori Olsen votes for...

Jun Song votes for...

Rachel Reilly has the final vote... She voted for...

Now time for awards!

Most Team Competitions won: House #2! The Losers! {7}
Most Head of Household's won: Adam Jasinki (BBUS9) {5}
Most Times Nominated: Jordan Lloyd (BBUS11) {11}
Most Power of Veto's won: Rachel Reilly (BBUS12) {4}
Most Times Saved From The Block: Drew Daniel (BBUS5), Keith Henderson (BBUS13), and Rachel Reilly (BBUS13) {2}
Most Competitions won: Rachel Reilly (BBUS13) {8}
Most Votes To Evict (In total): Jordan Lloyd (BBUS11) {31}

Also, guys I need some ideas for future seasons. I have 2 planned already. Sorry if you guys didn't like the winner but it's all if I rigged it than a bunch of people that made it far in the game would've left early.




ugh what a disgusting winner IMO
Sent by 49288,Sep 23, 2014
Ugh, gross.
Sent by Missalice3,Sep 24, 2014
how did adam win? :(
Sent by dawson905,Sep 26, 2014

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