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my truth Jan 17, 2020
im the NH leaker and the root of all the pedo drama. im sorry to all the victims but this was all just STRATEGY!
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pyn and ill tell u how much u hate/love women Oct 28, 2019
on a scale of 1-10; 1 = HATE 10 = LOVE!

Birks4444 - 6, the fact that ur so gay means that the man lover jumped out and lowered u!
Marktint_1 - 9, Susan b Anthony is NOTHING compared to ur crusade for women rights!
xxLoveWakizaxx - 10, grats on being one of 5 real women on this site 馃槏
Points: 21 7 comments
Some people are just so jealous Oct 14, 2019
J2999 stream You Wish You Were Me by Raini
Points: 21 2 comments
this legend hates gays Oct 14, 2019
I have to support him and stand with him Vince125
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as a christian southern female millionaire Sep 7, 2019
I am pro life bby!
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I just HAVE to laugh Sep 1, 2019
Mbarnish1 truly does make a "I'm leaving xd" blog every few weeks and everyone eats it up, only for him to return within the next day/week, it gets old.

don't be fools, be smarter!
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