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I honestly think it’s over

Apr 13, 2024 by Times_Places
when the election comes whether trump wins or Biden wins something is going cause some sort of outroar. Trump wins and uses the government power and the racist conservative militas to overtake the government or Biden wins and the militias take over the government for trump anyways.

we’re entering the handmaids tale phase for America


I’d be more worried about liberal response to Trump winning. look for MAAAAAASSIVE riots in big cities like New York, LA, Chicago
Sent by Brayden_,Apr 13, 2024
brayden_ I think literal domestic terrorist American militias taking over the capitol on January 6th 2021 is more worrisome then liberal riots
Sent by Times_Places,Apr 13, 2024
guess we’ll find out :)
Sent by Brayden_,Apr 13, 2024

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