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Trinity Survivor SA - 5th Place

Aug 21, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageThis season has been dominated top to bottom by powerful women, and tonight after a shocking idol play we say goodbye to the last man standing, Josh.

24 hours before cast reveal, you weren't part of this cast, but we had someone drop out very late into the night right before cast reveal and needed a replacement, and you jumped at the chance to play. You were the PERFECT fit for this cast and this twist, as you have the most knowledge of how to maximize your bets for gold. A lot of eyes have been on you for a while now, as you've been front and center calling shots and making yourself and your game known to this cast. It was a very difficult game but you played it nearly flawlessly. Things got kinda bumpy towards the end and it took an idol to get you out, but you played an absolutely stellar game and I'm very glad things worked out to where you got the chance to be part of this season!

Josh/ Joshbb17, thank you for playing!


Sent by maturo,Aug 21, 2020

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