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Trinity Survivor SA - 7th Place

Aug 15, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageThe chaos of the last few rounds seemed to have died down, but the after effects still linger. Tonight we said goodbye to our last vet, Jerry.

Jerry, it's been about 2 years since the last time I even heard from you. When Mark stopped responding to us on Skype, I hit you up on Snap and asked you to come out of retirement for a 2nd season in a row, and was surprised but overjoyed when you said yes! In the past you've been known for being a bit inactive but you turned that around in a big way here! Your social game was arguably the strongest out of everyone's and I do think you had a strong case moving forward if the cast didn't blindside you out tonight. I'm so happy you finally got your chance to play again and I'm happy to see that you THRIVED this season!

Jerry/ GerardoM13, thank you for playing!

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