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Trinity Survivor NB - Individual Immunity #3

Jun 14, 2019 by TheSexiestDude990
imageThe cast played a classic game of Touchy Subjects, where they had to provide chop lists as well and would cut a fellow castaway's rope when they got an answer correct. In the end, without losing a single rope, Jarrett/ Jarjett walked away with this round's immunity and is safe at the upcoming tribal alongside Maynor due to last round's twist.

Who will become the third member of the jury?

1. Who is most likely to go home tonight? Connor
2. Who most needs a wake-up call? Madi
3. Who is the most honest? Keaton
4. Who is most likely to stab someone in the back? Jarrett
5. Who would you trust with your life? Connor/Dani/Maynor
6. Who falsely thinks they are in control of this game? Brien/Keaton/Maynor
7. Who is playing for 2nd? Madi
8. Who would you never talk to again when this season is over? Connor/Lee
9. Who has yet to live up to their full potential? Dani
10. Who is least deserving of being an All-Star? Madi
11. Who has the biggest sense of entitlement? Jarrett/Lee
12. Who never shuts up? Keaton
13. Who would you least like to see win? Madi
14. Who is going to win this season? Maynor

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