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Why Josh Martinez is a BB legend

Sep 14, 2018 by TheSexiestDude990
- Wrecked Paul behind his back while playing dumb to his face
- EASILY the most entertaining person in the cast by a mile but still managed to win despite his abrasiveness
- Had such good jury management skills that he even got the vote of someone who literally threw hot sauce and pickle juice in his face and then proceeded to antagonize for the rest of his time on the show (Mark), as well as someone he attacked at their eviction (Cody)
- Beat Paul by the exact same vote as Nicole one season later

We've had plenty of big gameplayers win in the past, so why not have a winner with a larger than life, abrasive af but entertaining af personality?

I'm sure the only other Josh Martinez stan, ashszoke, could do better but it's late and I'm tired


the only legendary thing about josh is that hes a haleigh stan and is campaigning to vote her afp
Sent by HaliFord,Sep 14, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Sep 14, 2018
TEA ill add on later when i get home
Sent by ashszoke,Sep 14, 2018
okay i'm here
- Beat the odds and became the only latino winner in the 19 seasons of the show
- Took safety the first week and sacrificed his group and yelled at someone and pissed off the house and still managed to get into a good spot and make it to the end
- Never personally attacked someone while fighting kept it completely game related meanwhile the only comebacks people had were commenting on his weight and tried to portray him as stupid when he in fact runs a business and is much smarter than them
- Gets along with all his enemies and every bb alum loves him after the show
- Was a super fan and brought back a strategy we haven't seen since bb8 which led to the influence of Rockstar also using that same strategy this season.
- Used goodbye messages as a strategy tactic rather than dissing people or not caring about them like most people
- Was completely woke on everything Paul was doing but also realized Paul made the jury mad and used it to his advantage
Sent by ashszoke,Sep 14, 2018

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