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The Truth.

9thMay 24, 2019 by ThePug
Tonight, I got on the Tea Circle call, and join a conversation that SammySosaTV & maturo are having about her transition. Where he uses some insensitive language, calling HER a he multiple times, "accidentally" but still wanting to appear as an ally. I then bring up the time he called me the f-word (I'd use it but, you can't on Tengaged.) a derogatory word against gays.

Which you can see here he even admits of his past mistakes:

After calling him out, he then claims I'm "trying to get between him and his girlfriend" whom I had no idea was ON SPEAKER PHONE. How those two things relate to each other I have no idea. I then asked about him and Deeanna, because I guess they were some Tengaged thing? And he continues to get angry, speaking about how I "have no class" and going on long tangents, that seemed drug-induced or some form of mania.

karac1122 I hope you get your man the help that he needs. You'll both be in my prayers.


Omg Kolby it’s been forever :D
Sent by CalebDaBoss,May 24, 2019
yea u caught me i made it all up
Sent by maturo,May 24, 2019
Sent by Electric,May 24, 2019

i feel absolutely attacked & disgusted
Sent by ThePug,May 24, 2019
you and I both bro
Sent by maturo,May 24, 2019
Leave him alone.
Sent by pinkiepie512,May 24, 2019
I'll pray for you too
Sent by karac1122,May 24, 2019

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