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  1. i joined this site when i was 13
  2. Feeling Loved <3
  3. obligated to post this on every site
  5. beneficiary
  6. Any seniors here apply to Johns Hopkins?
  7. one of the best survivor edits
  8. Why is America sleeping on house music???
  9. anyone have a link to bbcan6 premiere
  10. Who did Morgan give the legacy to?
  11. Cover Drive - Twilight (Brenda Lowe cameo)
  12. a disappointment
  13. if michael goes home
  14. if michael is 2nd boot this season will be amazing
  15. jacob murdering his game
  16. i dont want to see king jacob leave
  18. donathan is the sue hawk of writing names
  20. already MESSY
  21. mastermind this first boot donathan!!!
  22. such a good twist
  23. 8/11 houseguests left in the last 3 days
  24. skinny legend? FAT legend!
  25. would ross have won with a sequestered jury?
  26. marissa actually made a good choice???
  27. metta is GOLD
  28. marissa literally saying she sheeped ross
  29. marissa the sheep
  30. Metta is such a good casting choice
  31. Miss Keshia? Miss Keshia?
  32. miss keshia? miss keshia?
  33. Endurance Monroe WILL BE on BB20!
  34. Mentioned Varner outing Zeke in interview!
  35. Chrissy Hofbeck wins Survivor 38.
  36. Debbie Wanner, we love a talented gymnast!
  37. who remembers this bop
  38. I didn't know Hali Ford invented music!
  39. Andrea Boehlke was on Z-Wooper in 2014
  40. andrea was on Z-Wooper?

nothing will top the INTENSITY

Dec 29, 2017 by TheACF12
that Hawaii brought to Endurance

The Right-To-Stay returnee competition
The partner pick selection where you could bump out partners
The dynamic of the cast with Monroe being iconic, Nicole being a bitch and Demian not giving a single fuck
Yellow Team's legendary underdog story arc



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Let's not forget bryannah
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