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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

BB25 Final Cast Rankings

Nov 11, 2023 by Tester
Unpopular opinions included. I didn't watch the feeds but I did keep myself updated through Reddit.

1. Cirie
2. Felicia
3. Izzy
4. Mecole
5. Cory
6. America
7. Cameron
8. Matt
9. Blue
10. Jag
11. FBJ
12. Jared
13. Reilly
14. Kirsten [she was barely there]
15. Red
16. Hisam
17. L*ke



cameron matt jag and fbj too high hisam way too low others are fine
Sent by AustinRules6969,Nov 11, 2023
Izzy way too high
Sent by Matthew09,Nov 11, 2023
Matthew09 Izzy was good TV
Sent by Tester,Nov 11, 2023
Matt and jag too low
Sent by WillYSMithers_here,Nov 12, 2023

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