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@admin Sep 16, 2018
I am 12th in top 20 housemates, of course I will have haters, I didn't get 12th without making enemies.
But you need to do your job properly and take the reports without prejudice.
I do not stalk, or harass any members of tengaged.
Well I may stalk firex, but he is a my hottie so can't help myself.
Other then that, I will only respond to hate, I do not start shit!
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I love you Nicky! Sep 16, 2018

You said it so clear. And it is so true.
All my haters are exactly that, "a knock on from other people's views and those butt hurt you beat them or had a personal spat with"

And what you said, "We've had one fight in the past and the one thing I never did was latch onto ridiculous rumours to use against you and it's pathetic that people do it."

Had you, we probably wouldn't be friends right now. When someone goes personal, (especially with all the shit that isn't true)I am hard to get back. It is fine to be mad at me for something I did. I mean, it is a game site, everyone cant be happy all the time. And you never said anything to personally attack me, we just took our time, and are better friends then we were before <3

I love you nijoco
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sjsoccer88 likes deteting my posts Sep 15, 2018

so I will put it again here ;)

sjsoccer88 you are butt hurt that I got you evicted from survivor LOL
If you really wanted to keep your streak going, maybe you should have been more careful with what you say to me, "You’re such a bitch. I try to put up with you like everyone else but we all really want you gone. Just no one has made the move yet. But whenever anyone asks me to, I’ll gladly evict you :)"

And now you are threatening to come for me. LOL, the thing is, I won't be crying for days after. It is a game LMAO, you can't always win.

ps, support me in stars!
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🎂Happy Birthday🎂 Sep 6, 2018
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SURPRISE!! You didn't win! Sep 5, 2018

" flamergamer8 17 hours 15 min agoThis was an awesome birthday surprise!"

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Dailey Reminder Aug 31, 2018
to all my haters...
VeryMaryKate me2013 _adidas_ PrinceVans robozoe David2560 @varlto maturo jayglezst iybf danger tonyalbright redwing91 roshy peace123
I am sure I missed lots! sorry, not sorry :P
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