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  27. I have never ruined a charity
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This gif reminds me of...vote Nov 17, 2018
He used to always roll his eyes at me.

Also, be nice and plus, I need health!
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aw, ty <3 Oct 30, 2018
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🎈🎁HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎁🎈 Oct 25, 2018
adamgrant one of my bestfriends on here. I love you hun and hope you have a wonderfull day 😘❤💜
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Queen! Oct 12, 2018
Thank you for the gift <3 TheLightIsComing
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Shout out Oct 1, 2018
to some people I LOVE!
adamgrant and nijoco  I keep thinking how fun a casting would be with both of you in it! I don't know if you 2 know each other already, but if not, I am sure you would become the best of friends. You guys don't know how much you mean to me *hugs*.
brainjak you remind me of me so much! You say things how they are and don't give a shit about the consequences. xox never change!
Joseph____ I hope to play a game with you again soon.. looks like you only play vivor, maybe we will merge together sometime <3
A new friend BrunoMiguel we need to fast soon <3
Mrmomo15 all I need to say, YOU A SWEETIE ;)
minniemax and luna_tic and nicky too, so much fun with you guys in PTK chat on skype (can't put the full title... I might get banned :P)
EDIT - lots more, I just did a quick, off the top of my head tags!
Edit #2. - need to shoutout to admin , even though you banned me, you do do a good job 💜
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me @ all the losers Oct 1, 2018
who can't help but think about me! You come on and 1st thing you want to do is blog about me! LOL
I really don't think of any of you until I see you in my last mentions...
You all obsessed!

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