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  1. I just can't stay mad at him..
  3. PYN
  4. What?
  5. idahoe, you cant call
  6. If you haven't done it yet then
  7. Plus .....
  8. can't wait to slam the evict button on
  9. negging all now
  10. PYN for placement
  11. LOL @marieeve
  12. open if you want to see nijoc dragged!!!
  13. please do me a favor
  14. tonyratface
  15. Should I do it?
  16. This is how you get hacked.
  17. ⭐🌠stars support🌠⭐
  18. Robohoe
  19. SUCKS
  20. pyn
  21. MarieEve did LIE
  22. MarieEve trying to start shit between minniemax..
  23. bonding over
  25. ya think any of the multis are....
  26. Sorry idiots...
  27. I want to do a hate blog...
  28. PYN
  29. Obeyme makes a blog about me

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I just can't stay mad at him.. Jul 14, 2019
Points: 0 2 comments
oohooohhooohhh LOL
Points: 0 4 comments
PYN Jun 23, 2019
and hate or like, and I will say what I hate or like about you
sihz I hate that ur avi looks so much like fighterman , I am afraid I would you mix you two up
paul028 I hate that we havent friended each other yet
MJFJUNE hate I donèt know you more ;)
SeongWoo I love ur designs!!!
CalebDaBoss I just love you <3
lexeyjane I hate I have never played a game with you. I want a casting with you <3
boicam77 hate I am not sure about you anymore
Allison love all ur snaps <3
C_Shizz96 hate I dont know you enough to say anything
woeisme Hate I have yet to see you in pink underwear ;)
Blitszims I hate we dont talk more!
MrMomo15 I love you sweetie <3 I hate we dont play games together more!
Tester I hate I keep missing getting in a game with you
PoohSnap I hate I dont have a hate or love for you :/
Clayton love ur avi!! Hope to play another game with you soon <3
pinkiepie512 hate all the crap on ur profile page cause it freezes my computer :P Love you are going to be a veterinarian
jussy007 love you lots
arris hate it has been forever we were in a casting
Irish10 hate I don't really get what you like
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What? Jun 17, 2019
nothing tight going on there
Points: 33 2 comments
idahoe, you cant call Jun 12, 2019
cellulite dimples
Points: 13 5 comments
If you haven't done it yet then Jun 7, 2019
I recommend talking to jayboyy on skype because you will giggle so much at the cock noises

Points: 29 23 comments