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Disgusting May 10, 2023
I cannot believe you Saskiarae dragging my name through the mud like that….on my mothers birthday….
Points: 36 2 comments
You won Jane May 3, 2023
Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear lord what a sad little life SaskiaRae
Points: 21 3 comments
2nd in a charity May 3, 2023
I’m the highest of non charity players so did I win?
Points: 18 3 comments
SaskiaRae Apr 29, 2023
You have made my life HELL.
Since day 1.
Points: 64 1 comments
Still can’t get over my avatar Apr 22, 2023
Tammy is now the face of my account as well as the name ❤️
Points: 31 2 comments
I have the bestest friend Apr 22, 2023
SaskiaRae Thankyou for my gift…I don’t even know how you did that but now everyone can see who Tammy really is ❤️
Points: 32 2 comments