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Survivor Gabon

Oct 1, 2008 by TakinaWong
Hey guys, I was bored so I decided to make this.
~So what do all of you think of this season of survivor?
Are you already hooked? Are you not interested? Let us know! :D


im really hooked, i love survivor, my favorites are matty and dan
Sent by Bowler23,Oct 1, 2008
Sent by windy,Oct 1, 2008
Survivor gabon is a great show!
Sent by rondomize,Oct 1, 2008
suprisingly, after terrible seasons, this one seems to be on track! 0_0
(This is coming from a survivor fan since Survivor:Outback)
Sent by Msbd23,Oct 2, 2008
msbd im also a big survivor fan ive never missed an episode since season 1
Sent by yswimmer96,Oct 2, 2008
I have watched every season. I hope and think Bob is going to be the first older person to win!
Sent by Francine,Oct 2, 2008
lol, i just put that in parenthesises just so that peiople wouldn't say that i don't watch survivor or whatever, its a great show.
Sent by Msbd23,Oct 2, 2008
its on tonite! how exciting! i hope that fang wins a challenge tonite for once, i want to see Koda expirience defeat for once
Sent by Bowler23,Oct 2, 2008
I agree Francine, I like Bob and would like to see another older person (aside from Tina) win. And ya, I hope fang wins aswell, I really like them.
Sent by TakinaWong,Oct 2, 2008
i just cant get into to survivor :/   its just a bore for me
Sent by bbfan,Oct 2, 2008
NOO!! Paloma was voted off.... i hate ace!!
Sent by Latina,Oct 2, 2008
I know! I liked Paloma. :(
I guess it was best for their team though.
Sent by TakinaWong,Oct 2, 2008
Survivor Gabon is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by lDaniel,Oct 2, 2008
I like Sugar! G.C. was stupid for being a baby about the whole thing and he went home so I was glad =]
Sent by Rhiannon10,Oct 21, 2008

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