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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

dang, thats crazy.

10thFeb 20, 2024 by TGDeuxMoi
Shenellica has made 4 blogs in the last 20 days about this #Aquamarine fella. Multiple have been about his sex life.

As someone who's closer to the asexual side, what a *crazy* thing to constantly bring up.

Also it's wild for a walking mailbox to comment on anyone else's looks. I'll retract that statement the day I hear anyone compliment his looks.

Jealousy is a disease, to which I say: get well soon.

Sent by Currents,Feb 20, 2024
lets ask the audience with some photo evidence
Sent by sw33t,Feb 20, 2024
Sent by Zeptis,Feb 20, 2024
this is ridiculous
Sent by ikaw0ng,Feb 20, 2024
she got demolished in the last one she made i woulda deleted
Sent by HeddaDeClass,Feb 20, 2024

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