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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

You know what, no, this gets a blog.

1stFeb 19, 2024 by TGDeuxMoi
There is truly no one in my entire life who has ever been less forgiving for less than iybf.

At some point you need to look in a mirror and take accountability for all the *WILDLY* traumatic stories you have posted over the years.

You have had problems with the people you moved in with from this website.
You have had problems with your relationships and how they cheat on you and treat you.
You have had problems with your family members and had to cut ties with them for whatever reason.
You have had problems with people on this website and have lost friend after friend.

At some point when does the problem in fact become YOU?

You're a pathological liar and I'm tired of acting like you aren't. I tried for YEARS to mend fences with you and you gave me stank energy back every single time.

So yes, now I'm absolutely going to target you with bad energy back. You get what you deserve.


Also for the record, all of your friends recount you being in a mental institution and hospitalized at one point for all the lies you tell. ENOUGH.
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Feb 19, 2024
keep spamming it to your friends you freak
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Feb 19, 2024
Sent by Zeptis,Feb 19, 2024
I thought him and I were friends/on good terms at least but I joined a discord server that i used to be in recently and ctrl+f'd my name (as one does) and I saw him talking shit ab me... it was sooo awkward. team u.
Sent by peace123,Feb 19, 2024
peace123 was this the libz cuz i felt like u got dragged before u got back
Sent by BoyToy4Cato,Feb 19, 2024
Hahaha 😆
Look at this waterboy bitch talking shit...🤣
Crawl back into ur daddies nutsack
Sent by gagaluv,Feb 19, 2024
BoyToy4Cato yesss if u ctrl f connor and peace u can see a lottt of crazy convos LMAOO
Sent by peace123,Feb 19, 2024
she gagged u at the halloween party though
Sent by Timberlie,Feb 20, 2024
He who angers you conquers you x
Sent by illustrious,Feb 20, 2024

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