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  1. Who remembers KingMac?
  2. I have more pubes than Dash
  3. Someone called me jailbait.
  4. Dash lets have sex
  5. Welcome to the Gender Faker Club
  6. I masturbate with my head.
  8. Like I'm sooo stupid
  9. Interracial?
  11. i posted this for you tengaged!
  12. How Girls Masturbate:
  13. lemonface
  14. I'll ride a gay cock
  15. i have a really loose vagina
  16. You all love me <33
  17. dcsooner
  18. I wanna take a ride on that
  19. I think I'm lesbian now
  20. Well since no boy
  21. Can I find a sexy boy here?

How Girls Masturbate:

Feb 24, 2012 by Slutty_13yo_Girl
We take our pants off. Then our shirt. We take one hand and rub our boobs. *moans a bit* Then we open our vagina, take our middle finger, and slowly insert it into our vagina. Then we go in and out really fast. *eyes roll in the back our heads with pleasure.* If we are really brave or horny, we take one or two of our fists and shove them in our vagina.

If your name is Shay or 2008girl you shove a whole bucket of KFC into your vagina.

Somehow this Blog got deleted last time. Not gonna happen again xx


Sent by Etienne,Feb 24, 2012
very informative
Sent by vatcheabs,Feb 24, 2012
well I guess I've been doing it wrong all these years :/
Sent by NotAfraid,Feb 24, 2012
i love this
Sent by MISSimogen,Feb 24, 2012
top blog please
Sent by Meowfie,Feb 24, 2012
thanks this will help me
Sent by joeyjones,Feb 24, 2012
NotAfraid, I'm with ya!
Sent by 1Swampy8,Feb 24, 2012
Sent by snowflake3,Feb 25, 2012

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