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10thJul 18, 2012 by SkillzDatKillz
and I'll tell ya what Disney/Pixar character you remind me of. Out of space though for tags so hashtag is what will be used.

helencoops -Your avatar reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast

greenivo -You love money apparently, so the one person that comes to mind when I think about that is Cruella De Ville

Makethemdieslowly -Jafar from Aladdin

XsaiX -Your person reminds me of Shan Yu from Mulan

ianfitz0012 -hmmmmmmm yours is a tough one. Can't really decide who. I guess Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is good enough.

torimarie -Crazy hairdo, kinda dark...I'll put you as Tarzan.

tharealmike -Your hairstyle gives you prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

iangavin -Your outfit totally reminds me of Snow White...or Cinderella before the ball, but since Cinderella does not have dark hair, you fit the original lady, Snow White.

teamjacz -Definitely Princess Tiana. Nuff said. (my favorite princess btw)

robozoe -hmmmm long, blonde hair....definitely rapunzel.

zircon -That red hair gives you one of two options...Ariel or Merida from Brave and since it is kinda curly, you get Merida.

zamchise -Your avatar doesn't help much and I can't find much in your blogs to give you an accurate person, so I am just going to give you John Darling from Peter Pan.

koolness234 -I'm gonna give you Hera from Hercules. The wife of Zeus.

jouix -The first person you remind me of with your blue skin is Hermes from Hercules. So Hermes suits you well.

qwerty3000 -You get Lewis from Meet The Robinsons. If only you had blonde hair.

hinata0014 -There are not a lot of males who have blonde hair...but the first one that comes to mind is John Smith from Pocohantas and I think he suits you well. (movie wise...not actual historical John)

arizonalvr -Another girl with long, blonde hair. I know just where to put are definitely Rapunzel.

superpatrick -You remind me a lot like Peter Pan. Fun loving, free-spirited. You definitely fit his part well.

ghoul -You definitely remind me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Big, badass bitch who don't take no shit.

thetrackerjackers -You remind me of Alice from Alice in wonderland. Really nice girl who gets caught in a creepy place.

snowskier121 -You got the makings for a Wilbur Robinson from Meet The Robinsons

g1ng4 -With that hair, you are coming close to a more modern day Cinderella.

mikey04wp -That hair style is coming along the lines or Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove. You do remind me a lot of him though besides the hair as well.

don_draper -I really can't get a good person for you, but Flynn Rider from Tangled seems to fit you well enough.

maxi1234 -I kind of pictured you as Jane from Tarzan. Outgoing, adventurous, and pretty.

michelleobama -I think it is pretty clear that you are fit for Princess Tiana.

princesss -Hmmmm you could be anyone with that name. But looking at your avatar, I think you would be fit for princess Jasmine.

dzenan00 -Prince Eric comes to mind when I look at your avatar. Not a bad prince I might add.

qwert2 -I think you are fit for a villain and the villain that comes to my mind is Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

pizpaz -Messed up hair...scary looking teeth. You are definitely the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

#horrorite -With a name like that and beauty at the same time, you have to get Cruella De Ville.

#tsukishimakilari -With that kind of name, I have to give you Mulan.


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Hmmm I wonder who...
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iangavin, *Please say Phocohantas, Mulan, or Princess Tiana*
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Ooh, me :)
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princess ella PRINCESS ELLA OMG
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k me
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me ♥
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hahahaha! :)
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Me :))
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ME!!! :)
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