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  1. I hate Danielle Murphree
  2. Do you ever wake up on Monday morning..
  3. Happy Birthday!!
  4. When i see wildboy12 trending
  5. BB19 opinions.
  6. Paul is a self-entitled little bitch.
  7. Question for Americans
  8. BBCAN5 > BB19
  9. Just seen pic of Frankie and Julie..
  10. I wanted Paul to get Neda'd
  11. Top 10 reasons Paul lost Big Brother.
  12. So..
  13. I love how bitter Paul was..
  14. PAUL
  16. Cody voted for Paul 100%
  17. Recent BBUSA winners
  18. Paul's jury answers were the worst
  19. Raven's question got cut.
  20. I'd have won that HoH
  21. Cody for allstars tbh
  22. American Vandal is terrible
  23. I tried to watch American Vandal
  24. Donald Trump is tremendous.
  25. I love this gif
  26. The best reality show of 2016..
  27. "Make America Great Again".
  28. I wanna watch Stranger Things 2,
  29. Yaas San Junipero winning 2 Emmys
  30. Things that need to win Emmys
  31. Imagine if your child was diagnosed with cancer..
  32. What are the new challenges?
  33. The 100 was really good
  34. Emmys 2017
  35. Best show on Netflix?
  36. On a scale of 1 to 10...
  37. I've run out of stuff to watch on Netflix :(
  38. Just finished The 100
  39. Hillary Clinton should sit on my face
  40. I laugh every time

I wanna see Trump vs Sandra in 2020

Jan 10, 2017 by Simplyobsessed
Trump: Within 4 more years, we can Make America Great Again. That's what it's all about, let me tell you. Believe me.

Sandra: *looks to camera* He's a stupid ass! Dona...

Trump: ...WRONG. Brown Skinned Sandra has such a bad temperament, just last week I was...



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