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10 Year Anniversary Blog

Jul 10, 2020 by Rocker917
Hi I usually make these and they get ignored every year so I dont care this is for me :)

I was literally so fucking young and dumb and clueless abt the world when I joined this castings in July 2010

And since then I feel like I've reached all the summits I wanted to as a player, getting TV Star and having a Stars Win, and thats part of why I havent been nearly as active on here.

But reading through recent blogs about how volatile and toxic of an environment Tengaged has been for years, and having lived through that myself, it is really difficult to read some of the blogs about people coming forwards with stories about them being preyed on. Its hard to bite my tongue when reading abt accusations against somebody and knowing years ago when I was a teen on this site those same people were preying on me.

I genuinely feel guilty about feeling intimidated into silence when I was 16 and was getting overly suggestive messages from people in their 20s and 30s on this site. I liked the attention so I was pretty ignorant to how manipulative those people were acting in targeting an insecure teen.

And I really disgusts me that these same people are still pulling the same shit, and I'm embarrassed of myself for not coming forward years ago when it was happening, and not saying something until years later when the proof was long gone, and those people have clearly preyed on many others since then..

If you get anything out of this, please do NOT be intimated into silence if you are a victim your story MATTERS and there are people who will listen and believe you always, and if you are a bystander SPEAK OUT. If we as a community ignore these issues then they will perpetuate and we will all be a part of the issue, as we all are right now.


I didn’t know you’ve been around that long
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