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  1. Remember when Everyone liked Elena
  2. Can Scott Rogowsky stop hosting HQ
  3. Worst American Idol Performance ever
  4. Maybe he will use on Angela
  5. This is why BBCAN will always be better
  6. If Haleigh actually wins this season
  7. Y’all noone has won veto yet
  8. Fucking praying she or rockstar wins veto
  9. Watch them lose
  10. what is the worst Performance from the voice?
  11. Worst American Idol Performance ever
  12. Victoria Rafaeli is an unintentional Genius
  13. this week fucking sucks
  14. Camille Velasco
  15. Tomorrow Never Came by Lana Del Rey
  16. I remember when me and Dash beefed
  17. dude Haleigh's HOH could be ruined
  18. Yall swear homophobia is over
  19. Shea coulee already said
  20. Am I the only one who really loved Queen?
  21. Realistically Azealia Banks
  22. Ong Nicki popped off
  23. Brayden_ said
  24. Was Brayden banned
  25. I love how everyone slept on Haleigh
  26. I can’t wait to see all of you people in hell
  27. PYN Horror Movie Edition
  28. Lana Del rey albums ranked
  29. Lady gaga’s Albums ranked
  30. Haleigh saved BB20
  31. Tengaged is not a gay bar
  32. Like it’s so disheartening
  33. I’m honestly so shocked
  34. And also that stupid bitch
  35. Ok but fr Badison is fucking annoying
  36. Top Blog💋💋💋
  37. Jessica Lange is Back on American Horror Story
  38. Anyways how is everyone’s night
  39. Welcome to the filtered list😌
  40. Not liking someone who is a Black person

If you joke about Suicide

Feb 9, 2018 by RightToCensor
You are a Seriously disturbed individual who needs Serious mental help.


Sent by Bambino,Feb 9, 2018
Yes very true
Sent by thewolfman,Feb 9, 2018

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