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  1. Anyone else watch Jaclyn Glenn
  2. yassssss Haleigh
  3. Love how people talk shit about Aretha Franklin
  4. So many legends gone
  5. Oh HERE WE GO
  6. RIP Aretha Franklin
  7. Actual winners of Drag race
  8. Watching what Pearl said about Rupaul
  9. According to Pearl
  10. Pearl just spilled some BOILING HOT TEA
  12. Remember when Everyone liked Elena
  13. Can Scott Rogowsky stop hosting HQ
  14. Worst American Idol Performance ever
  15. Maybe he will use on Angela
  16. This is why BBCAN will always be better
  17. If Haleigh actually wins this season
  18. Y’all noone has won veto yet
  19. Fucking praying she or rockstar wins veto
  20. Watch them lose
  21. what is the worst Performance from the voice?
  22. Worst American Idol Performance ever
  23. Victoria Rafaeli is an unintentional Genius
  24. this week fucking sucks
  25. Camille Velasco
  26. Tomorrow Never Came by Lana Del Rey
  27. I remember when me and Dash beefed
  28. dude Haleigh's HOH could be ruined
  29. Yall swear homophobia is over
  30. Shea coulee already said
  31. Am I the only one who really loved Queen?
  32. Realistically Azealia Banks
  33. Ong Nicki popped off
  34. Brayden_ said
  35. Was Brayden banned
  36. I love how everyone slept on Haleigh
  37. I can’t wait to see all of you people in hell
  38. PYN Horror Movie Edition
  39. Lana Del rey albums ranked
  40. Lady gaga’s Albums ranked

Btw I would tag them

Feb 9, 2018 by RightToCensor
But I don’t wanna give them the clout.

It’s the one who looks like a methhead and hangs around Halloween a lot.

(me and Dylan are cool btw in case yall wanna get messy and tell Dylan I’m dragging him which im not)


It’s clearly batya
Sent by Mitchkid64,Feb 9, 2018
mitchkid64 nope never had a problem with Batya
Sent by RightToCensor,Feb 9, 2018
Then it’s mrcool he looks meth heady
Sent by Mitchkid64,Feb 9, 2018
NOO not tdr season 1 queen MATT mrcool
Sent by HighNoon,Feb 9, 2018
Not mrcool either
Sent by RightToCensor,Feb 9, 2018

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