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I don't get it.

Mar 5, 2018 by RasCity
Why are people so hellbent on believing Stars is a Popularity Contest.
To say it's a popularity contest is completely and utterly false.

It's a Strategy contest and if the overwhelming favorite happens to win then they had the best Strategy... OBVIOUSLY.




No one spend 250-300 t's to do nothing. it's easy to say when you didn't spend the money, honey.
Sent by Finnick,Mar 5, 2018
It's a popularity contest, sadly. 馃槚
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 5, 2018
Yoshitomi girl read what I just said Icon. I don't wanna argue but Strategy outweighs popularity 6 days a week.
Sent by RasCity,Mar 5, 2018
Rascity Not really though. If you win the crowd, you win the game. Popularity contest.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 5, 2018
If the strategy didn't all happen on Skype and it was more like the show where you can actually see the strategy, then I would agree. 馃槉
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 5, 2018
It's a popularity contest lol.
Sent by Jameslu,Mar 5, 2018
Yoshitomi Jameslu Sorry to say you girls are wrong. There's no evidence to support the most popular person wins every time, or even on a consistent basis.

What makes it a Strategy Contest is the fact that it's a Final 3 poll. Your job is to get yourself there in a favorable matchup, and if you do that then in turn you had the best strategy, not nessecarily that you're the most popular.
Sent by RasCity,Mar 5, 2018
Lol then how did @Oliviaxoxoxo win?
Sent by Jameslu,Mar 5, 2018

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