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Noah Fence Jun 20, 2020
But you'll suck and both deserve to lose
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I'm universally hated on here Jun 18, 2020
But noone believes me because of how cool my name and avatar look =/ 💔
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Aquafuckface Jun 18, 2020
What victim exactly is my blog damaging to?

I think my blog is only damaging to yourself, and contrary to what you'll have people believe


You think we dont know about the OC's sharing minors nudes amongst themselves for the past 10+ years. Not only are you not innocent. You are guilty asf, making up lies to try and damage someone you dont likes reputation.
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Is it okay Jun 17, 2020
For people like slice to constantly keep attacking me on the basis that I was a fan of a rapper that was murdered in cold blood.

I understand it's probably just the devil overtaking your mind with hate but I don't think it's cool funny or edgy.

Stop bringing your negative energy into the world please.

Let your smile change the world dont let the world change your smile.

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Who would you rather banish off of TG Jun 17, 2020
Nexuscain or Aquamarine.

I'm gonna have to say the confirmed pedophile Aquamarine.
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Not Enough People Jun 17, 2020
talk about the fact that Aquamarine is an ACTUAL pedophile that needs to be banned or ran off this site in the same way that @JoshGotti TaraG and others were.

I have played stars with minors who have told me the pictures he has sent and advances that Aqua has made on them. He's sent creepy messages, photos of himself in a bathtub, asked for pictures in return, etc etc. and I'm tired of this predatory behavior coming up again and again. Please if you have any proof of this yourself (as I'm sure some of you do) and feel comfortable either posting it yourself, or having someone like me or koolness234 do something about it, I encourage you to come forward.

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