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  35. RasCiiTy - Christossss [Official Audio]
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Quick Lesson. Apr 4, 2018
Has anyone here heard of the song "I would Die 4 U" by Prince.
For the record U is the 21st letter in the alphabet.

Now look at the day he died and tell me what you learned:
Died: April 21, 2016, Chanhassen, MN
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It's my Birthday C= Apr 4, 2018
Just got off of work time to celebrate!
and by celebrate I mean smoke.
Points: 24 1 comments
My Life Apr 3, 2018
Noms for 4th: #rascity vs #ity990
rascity: 53.3% OUT
ity990: 46.7%
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What kind of person Apr 3, 2018
has a drawer for resturaunt condiment packs but literally has not a single ketchup?
Please explain RasGrandsMom
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Hello, my name is Apr 2, 2018
the most annoying thing since unsliced bread.
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To be Young and In Love in New York CiTy! Apr 2, 2018
Points: 13 1 comments