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Designing a Hunger Games Simulator

3rdJan 9, 2020 by Pieguy555
Many of you may or may not have seen that I have been doing multiple Hunger Games Brantsteeles, and after a few of them I became bored with the repetitiveness of and the lack of different options for each simulation. That being said, I have been programming a new Hunger Games simulation that will create much more interesting simulations than Brantsteele currently supports, which I will then be using for my future Hunger Games blogs.

Current Additions:

-The Simulation works in Cycles:
1) The game starts with the Bloodbath, where every Tribute will run towards the Cornucopia and grab supplies, while also having the opportunity to attack another Tribute. The Tributes will take their turn in order from highest to lowest Speed stat.
2) Day 1 will then begin, where Tributes are able to remain at or flee the Cornucopia. If they choose to stay, they have the options of looking for Food/Water, attacking another Tribute, or Hiding
3) Night 1 will then begin, with the rest of the Simulation playing out traditionally until only one Tribute remains

-Tributes now have Health, Hunger, Thirst, and Energy.
Health: Starts at 100 and when a Tribute's Health hits 0 they die.
Hunger: Starts at 100 and decreases by 10 per Day. Tributes must search for food to replenish their Hunger or they will lose 20 Health per Day that they are hungry.
Thirst: Starts at 100 and decreases by 10 per Day. Tributes must search for water to replenish their Thirst or they will lose 20 Health per Day that they are thirsty.
Energy: Starts at 100 and decreases by 10 per Day. Additionally, moving to another part of the Arena causes a Tribute to lose 20 Energy. If a Tribute hits 0 Energy their only action will be to Sleep, which fully restores a Tributes Energy to 100.

-Tributes can move anywhere on a 5x5 grid
->Each area of the Arena is represented by a grid square, with each grid square having it's own terrain. Different terrains have different attributes (Ex: Water squares cannot be entered unless a Tribute has the Swimming Skill)

-Tributes can equip different types of weapons that each have unique attributes to attack each other with
--> Tributes deal bonus damage when they attack with a weapon in which they have a high skill level for

-A variety of skills that can aid a Tribute in the Arena
Poison Skill: Tribute can lace weapons and food with poison
Swimming Skill: Tribute can move across Water squares
Landmine Skill: Tribute can craft and plant Landmines in the Arena

& Many More!
I will be most likely be posting updates as the programming continues. I plan to have the basic simulation finished in 3-4 days, with the potential to add updates in the future.

I will also be opening Character suggestions (Similar to how I did with the BrantSteele simulations), which will include a much more interactive suggestion, sometime later today.


I love this and I agree, the repetition gets annoying. As well as the constant ally swapping and crap.
Sent by MudkipzFTW,Jan 9, 2020

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