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  1. Why is Ben on this season...?
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  17. The editing this season was terrible
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  23. Please +++ :)
  25. Does anyone know who hacked
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  28. I'm taking a shot
  29. Cliff is easily a Top 5 Worst Player
  30. Is It Tradition
  31. I swear Christie is a Moron
  32. LMAO
  33. I'm weak
  34. Christie is disgusting
  35. Holy Fuck
  36. BB21 is cancelled they're literally rigging for..
  37. I love Level 6 2.0
  38. No1 wanted gross tyler back on their screens
  39. When is BB on?
  40. BB21 is cancelled they're literally rigging for..

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Why is Ben on this season...? Feb 12, 2020
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Ben getting a confessional in the premiere? Feb 12, 2020
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VERY IMPORTANT!!! Feb 11, 2020
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Vote to evict ANTHONY Feb 11, 2020

Comment you did and enter a gift giveaway.
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Stop buying Shops designs...? Feb 2, 2020
Last week prices were in the high 200s and low 300s....

And now we're in the high 400s and low 500s.

Don't support these high prices !
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10th Annual Hunger Games Simulator Jan 10, 2020

Fill out this form if you want to be included:

(Use actual names pls) (Please don’t use the names of existing people)

[You can create up to 2 characters!]

First Name:
Last Name:
Age: (Between 12-18)

*NEW* You will now have the opportunity to add 15 Points to any of the Stats / Skills / Abilities listed below, to give your Tribute(s) a certain advantage while in the Arena.

NOTE: All Base Stats and Weapon Skills can have up to 8 points put into that Skill, up to a maximum of 9 (Since each Tribute starts with 1 skill point in each). Some Tributes may start with more points in a certain Skill due to their District Attributes

Strength -> Determines whether a Tribute wins or loses a fight
Defense -> Reduces the amount of a Health a Tribute loses when they lose a fight
Speed -> Determines the order in which each Tribute will make their Turn each Round
Dodge -> Determines if a Tribute is able to Flee from a fight when attacked
Stealth -> Determines if a Tribute is able to hide themselves in an area, making them unable to be attacked

NOTE: Tributes will prioritize and equip Weapons in which they have the highest skill level for.
NOTE: A more detailed catalogue explaining each of the different Weapons will be released in the near future

Fists Skill -> Weak Close-Combat Weapon that every Tribute automatically starts off with
Axe Skill -> Close-Combat Weapon
Bow Skill -> Ranged Weapon
Dagger Skill -> Close-Combat Weapon
Mace Skill -> Close-Combat Weapon
Machete Skill -> Close-Combat Weapon
Sickle Skill -> Close-Combat Weapon
Slingshot Skill -> Ranged Weapon
Spear Skill -> Ranged Weapon
Sword Skill -> Close-Combat Weapon
Scythe Skill -> Close-Combat Weapon

Landmines -> Tribute can create and plant Landmines in an area [3 Points to Learn]
Poison -> Tribute can lace both Weapons and Food with Poison [3 Points to Learn]

Food Searching -> How likely a Tribute will be able to find Food in an area [1-8 Points]
Water Searching -> How likely a Tribute will be able to find Water in an area [1-8 Points]
Poison Immunity -> Determines if a Tribute can be damaged by Poison [4 Points to Learn]

Appeal -> Makes it more likely that this Tribute will receive a Sponsor [1-8 Points]
Swimming Skill -> Makes it possible for a Tribute to move across Water squares in the Arena [4 Points to Learn]

*NEW* Each District now gives its Tributes 3 Unique Skills
*NEW* Male Tributes will start with a +1 in Strength and Defense
*NEW* Female Tributes will start with a +1 in Stealth and Speed

DISTRICT 1 (+1 in Strength & Speed / +1 in Bow & Spear Skills / +1 in Appeal)

DISTRICT 2 (+1 in Strength & Defense / +1 in Sword & Dagger Skills / +10 starting Hunger & Thirst)
Male: Arconoc Row | 17 ( aria_grande)

DISTRICT 3 (Landmine Skill / Poison Skill / Weapon Repair Skill)

DISTRICT 4 (+2 Strength in Water squares / Swimming Skill / +8 in Water Searching Skill)
Male: Ham Osha | 17 ( MudkipzFTW)

DISTRICT 5 (+1 in the Weapon Skill after a Kill / Deals 50% more damage with Close-Combat Weapons / Weapons they possess do not lose Durability)
Female: Gilah Maylet | 16 (#MudkipzFTW)

DISTRICT 6 (+2 in Speed / 100% success rate when fleeing / Movement Status cannot be affected by attacks)
Female: Miranda Glass | 15 ( mathboy9)

DISTRICT 7 (+1 in Stealth / +2 in Axe Skill / +2 Strength in Forest squares)

DISTRICT 8 (Inventory size increased by 2 / 50% chance to take a 2nd Turn / Only loses 5 Energy per day)

DISTRICT 9 (+1 in Sickle & Scythe Skills / +2 Strength in Plains squares / +8 in Food Searching Skill)

DISTRICT 10 (+1 in Dodge / Cannot be killed by Random Mutant Animal Attacks / 30% reduced damage from Close-Combat weapons
Male: Talon Buck | 18 ( me2013)
Female: Eve Buck | 16 (#me2013)

DISTRICT 11 (+2 Strength in Forest squares / +8 in Food Searching Skill / Poison Immunity Skill)

DISTRICT 12 (+1 in Stealth / +2 Strength in Cave squares / Only loses 5 Hunger and Thirst per day)
Points: 21 5 comments