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In 2020vote Sep 18, 2020
People still don't understand that when someone is clearly looking for a reaction the appropriate response is to.... not respond.

By responding and trying to formulate a logical argument against someone whose sole goal is to just get a reaction out of you for entertainment purposes, you're just confirming that it is easy to get a rise out of you and they will continue to antagonize you/talk about the topic.

However, if you just ignore said person eventually they will just get bored and will move on to the next person/topic to bait for attention.
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Allison Grodner Sep 17, 2020
Really does want Cody Calafiore to win this season so that in a few years her wet dream alliance of Derrick, Nicole, Cody, Josh Martinez, and Kaycee Clark will come to fruition in a trashbag All Winners season.
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I genuinely think Day is in a great spot right now Sep 11, 2020
The Committee is going to fall apart in the next 1-3 weeks, and it's looking like Ian/Kevin/David are all being prioritized to leave over Day. Ian or Tyler likely gets backdoored this week, which would lead to some friction with Nicole or Christmas (Especially if Tyler is backdoored, I see Christmas completely losing it and turning on the Committee).

There's already a lot of friction between Dani vs. Enzo/Tyler/Cody so whatever Dani decides this week will likely have a big impact on the upcoming weeks. I can definitely see scenarios where 3 of Ian/Kevin/Tyler/David/Dani leave in the next 3 weeks.

The only people who I can see targeting Da'Vonne in the next 3 weeks are Memphis and Christmas, of which is also very dependent on who is still in the house, as I believe they would both target Ian and then David in that order before Da'Vonne. However, depending on if the Committee falls apart before either of them win HoH again I could see them making moves on Nicody + Dani first.

If Day can manage to make it past the next 3 weeks, she's set up to make it to at least Final 5 imo because everyone sees her as a weak physical competitor. Nicole and Cody both dislike Memphis and Christmas on a personal level and will send them out before Da'Vonne because they likely perceive her as an easy beat in the endgame competitions.
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Rest of Season Prediction Sep 10, 2020
11th - Ian/Tyler
10th - Kevin
9th - Ian/Tyler
8th - David
7th - Christmas
6th - Memphis
5th - Enzo
4th - Da'Vonne

If Dani wins F3 HoH:
3rd - Cody
2nd - Nicole
1st - Dani

If Cody/Nicole wins F3 HoH:
3rd - Dani
2nd - Nicole
1st - Cody
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The only good thing about this week Sep 10, 2020
Is when Tyler gets backdoored for 11th by Dani, Christmas is gonna realize 'The Committee' has been a fake alliance this whole time, she has been being played for 6 weeks, and was tricked into going after 2 people who were never coming after her.

Sis gonna realize she was made to look like a clown on national TV AGAIN
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Who's ready for Unanimous Vote #5 Sep 3, 2020
At what point in the game do you think Christmas is going to realize that she isn't playing a team sport.
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