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Mar 9, 2024 by Obscure
This game started like 20 posts but geoo and princesspretty saw me as a strong rival and decided to attack me by making up lies. Have a little respect for the other players who have entered to play 20 post and respect the rules of the game.


U attacked me, u spat on me, u tried to kill me. Its not okay.. please let me out
Sent by princesspretty,Mar 9, 2024
As far as I know, it is not written in the rules that the casting has to be 20 posts. And, even if it was, when I joined that game it was no longer 20 post. And, I don't think you're a strong player, on the contrary, you were cowardly and denied all the people who entered last.
Sent by Geoo,Mar 9, 2024
Mackey 16 hours 37 min ago
20 post c;

Mackey was the first to enter the game, so he made the decision to make this game 20 post and if you don't like it, don't enter. You're ruining this game for me and everyone else
Sent by Obscure,Mar 9, 2024
Sent by GraNaiNo,Mar 9, 2024

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