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  1. i love how
  2. i need to advocate for myself more lol
  3. is there a reason
  4. was no one gonna tell me
  5. pamela anderson 4 president
  6. give it up for Tinasha!
  7. the amount of times
  8. got partnered
  10. Taco Bell do be hittin
  11. just listened to keshas album
  12. i literally hate
  13. the way jojo was singing about
  14. kim petras
  15. that prince tribute
  16. Ariana really singing 7 rings AGAIN
  17. i had the worst hangover of my life today
  18. dua lipa dyed her hair blonde
  19. a girl getting a cute sugar daddy
  20. went to dave n busters
  21. i saw little women
  22. how to get a man 101
  23. there’s always that one girl
  24. i finally have normal roommates
  25. why does the bachelor
  26. what’s the worst song you’ve had sex to
  27. miley cyrus and her dead petz
  28. i like how
  29. can i get a
  30. in the third season of 13 reasons why
  31. you’re a liar and sick and an alcoholic
  32. bitch !
  33. in middle school
  34. i saw frozen 2
  35. my little cousin asked for
  36. has anyone listened to camila cabello on purpose
  37. there’s something about skins uk that grosses me..
  38. I feel like no one cares about Star Wars anymore
  39. the best movies of the decade are
  40. i hate u fat lizzo

got partnered

Feb 4, 2020 by Nichole98
imagewith the girl who doesn’t talk in my tv sitcom writing class. How am i going to write a tv episode this semester with her


i guarantee she's gonna shock ya
Sent by Brayden_,Feb 4, 2020
no i literally tried talking to her after we paired and she still wouldn’t talk lmao and she didn’t laugh at my hilarious douching joke Brayden_
Sent by Nichole98,Feb 4, 2020

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