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  1. stop the violence
  2. 3 more weeks
  4. i havent watched american idol in like 6 years
  5. does anyone have the gif
  6. siesta key
  7. i need more songs that make me feel like an..
  8. tell me why
  9. this season of vivor has actually been good
  10. My phone died
  11. dont understand that billie girl hype lol
  12. literally cried when green tribe got immunity
  13. i cant stop watching
  14. I wasn’t going to go to the gym today
  15. going to the gym in the morning
  16. did cardio at the gym for an hour
  17. someone slap me
  18. some of u bout to be real mad at me
  19. i feel so in the mood to fight
  20. just got back from a date
  21. im going on 2 dates with 2 different guys
  22. i cant wait to see xtina ahhhh
  23. you can have your space...cowboy
  24. unreleased rihanna songs were put on apple music
  25. literally who cares about this khloe kardashian..
  26. im not feeling this solange album at all
  27. this song makes me feel
  28. this site is boring
  29. straight men who can do makeup are so hot
  30. literally plan on sneaking into the troubadour
  31. i set my weed dealer up with my roommate
  32. flip flops discuss me
  33. it is 45 degrees in LA
  34. learning to speak a third language
  35. is everyone ok
  36. i cried watching happy death day 2u like 3 times
  37. im seeing
  38. remember when
  39. i have never stepped foot into an applebees
  40. whenever i see a guy

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stop the violencevote Apr 24, 2019
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3 more weeks Apr 22, 2019
and then i dont have to be surrounded by frat boys for a couple months thank god
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FREE BRITNEY Apr 16, 2019
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i havent watched american idol in like 6 years Apr 15, 2019
but i like came across youtube videos and that laci girl has such a hot voice i love ha
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does anyone have the gif Apr 12, 2019
with alex from bbott typing on the computer you know the one
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siesta key Apr 11, 2019
is better than game of thrones
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