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  1. the idea
  2. pitchfork ranked britney #1
  3. my friend is preggers
  4. how many blowjays
  5. LA is so boring
  6. yes @ holly winning bb21
  7. what was the lie
  8. just realized today was 9/11
  9. ok so
  10. last night
  11. in love 馃馃
  12. why did no one tell me
  13. tell me why my gay friend
  14. kat and nicole the only fun people left
  15. I do not remember
  16. when kat wins the season and gets afp
  17. why is endless love the best movie of all time
  18. kathryn nicole and kemi
  19. I want a Kathryn hoh so bad
  20. I鈥檓 so sad they are making fun of ovi
  21. this season of bb is gonna be bad huh lmfao
  22. aly & aj concert was sooo good
  23. bangerz is still the funniest album ever
  24. analyse is winning bb21
  25. I got my paycheck
  26. Miley鈥檚 ep is actually really good
  27. im seeing xtina in 2 weeks
  28. the asian girl in the society
  29. im babysitting my niece who is 4
  30. dove cameron
  31. survivor is rigged against
  32. I鈥檝e worked at both mcdonalds and chick fil a
  33. _adidas_ is the gabriel zamora of tengaged
  34. sweetener tour was so fun
  35. jonas brothers
  36. lindsay lohan has been so funny recently
  37. kacey musgraves is so fucking hot
  38. ketamine is THE gateway drug
  39. im literally seeing
  40. iggy azealias music

the asian girl in the society

May 25, 2019 by Nichole98
cannot act and it literally irritates me


i hate when ppl cant act
Sent by 2388,May 25, 2019
i don鈥檛 mind it too much but everyone else on the show can so it鈥檚 really noticeable lmfao 2388
Sent by Nichole98,May 25, 2019
He;ena is a queen leave her alone!!!!!
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,May 25, 2019
LOL she鈥檚 an idiot tho and not in a fun way bigdizzleyomama
Sent by Nichole98,May 25, 2019
Shes trying her best let her believe in god! Elle and cassandra though <3
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,May 25, 2019
Oh period Elle is THaT girl bigdizzleyomama
Sent by Nichole98,May 25, 2019

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