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  1. me and my friends
  2. apple juice is literally nast
  3. when does emma roberts come in this season of ahs
  4. that little mix promo
  5. this survivor boot list
  6. cold as fire baby
  7. i texted this guy
  8. carb blocker and prozac mukbang !
  9. does anyone know
  10. i did my morning routine
  11. joe patty
  12. my charity got ruined
  13. flavored water is nastttt
  14. #titsout4krista
  15. i cant wait
  16. i have a history midterm tom
  17. i literally
  18. how come
  19. tbh
  20. how the hell
  21. not having friday classes
  22. wait
  23. do yall know what
  24. new york minute is on netflix
  25. the good place is so good
  26. my roommate has iiterally been sleeping since i..
  27. roll up to the basement party
  28. i did a presentation in class
  29. Tell me its a nightmare
  30. I’m crying
  31. that lindsay lohan ig live
  32. mcdonalds
  33. the gays in LA
  34. i'd rather die
  35. there’s got to be a way
  36. why does sam look like bridgette
  37. jake paul
  38. ucla
  39. ive been doing so good in school
  40. ty

is Sierra burger is a loser good

Sep 18, 2018 by Nichole98
like besides all the supposedly problematic stuff people dont like


It's okay, would watch it!
Sent by IceBeast,Sep 18, 2018
sierra burger is the villain
Sent by anthousai,Sep 18, 2018
if you need a burger review it's best to ask Burgerman2929292
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 18, 2018
It’s actually quite good and enjoyable
Sent by Carvalho,Sep 18, 2018

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