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  1. can u guys just like log off
  2. watching the voice cuz im bored
  3. i only watch riverdale for the hot ginger
  4. i just got home from college
  5. done with finals
  6. my favorite tv character
  7. this yr has been so bad
  8. i have to become an RA next yr
  9. i just cleaned my entire apartment by myself
  10. lmfao
  11. this is my favorite scene from any movie
  12. i got a plan
  13. i miss rich kids of beverly hills
  14. remember when remy ma
  15. popper party !
  16. I have to do laundry
  17. can survivor bring back food auctions
  18. my roommate
  19. I just embarrassed myself
  20. some of u are doing like entire think pieces on..
  21. I was so obsessed with glee in middle school
  22. my thank you next video
  23. beyonce's worst song is halo
  24. beyonce keep your hair dark challenge
  25. i wish i looked like megan fox or pamela anderson
  26. im so hungry
  27. listening to heidi montag
  28. i havent been functioning
  29. i have been microdosing kratom and DMT all day and..
  30. i think its so funny
  31. that awkward moment
  32. i should not have procrastinated on this..
  33. Love you luis 馃挄馃挅
  34. i went on a boat
  35. I wanna be in a hallmark Christmas movie
  36. the David鈥檚 are the worssstttt
  37. i ate
  38. Rita Ora鈥檚 lip syncing fail
  39. Natalie negrotti ending bigotry on twitter馃槶
  40. cam on netflix

i hope they dont make a scream 5

Mar 4, 2018 by Nichole98
can sydney prescott live in peace


but I need to know if Kirby is still alive
Sent by _Adidas_,Mar 4, 2018
THEY aren鈥檛.
Sent by 5651Omar,Mar 4, 2018
Let me be more clear, Scream 5 is NOT happening. At least, not even being thought of at the moment. For 2 very big and important reasons.

1. Wes Craven, horror icon and director of the first 4 films, has sadly past away. Rest in Paradise.
2. Harvey Weinstein. Must i say more?
Sent by 5651Omar,Mar 4, 2018

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