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  1. honestly
  2. whole foods be like
  3. all the boys think it鈥檚 cake
  4. i thot this guy in my class was cute
  5. ty !!
  6. is Sierra burger is a loser good
  7. would you love me
  8. happy independence day
  10. kali uchis is so corny to me lmfao
  11. mariah carey said
  13. HELLO
  14. thanks for the gift
  15. is spitting on someone illegal
  16. screaming
  17. i called 911
  18. zoo queen 馃懜馃徎
  19. thanks for the gift sister
  20. me and luis are tied
  21. me playing count me
  22. the only thing i miss about high school
  23. just so my gays know
  24. do u guys think frat boys deserve to have rights
  25. the RAs
  26. my friend
  27. how can u not like clubbing
  28. KRISTA
  30. someone motivate me
  31. why is
  32. why are college boys
  33. my roommate
  34. my friend
  35. bella thorne
  36. kim petras releasing new song in 5 mins
  37. have y鈥檃ll been to 6 flags
  38. apparently
  39. if kaycee wins big brother
  40. azealia banks

i hope they dont make a scream 5

Mar 4, 2018 by Nichole98
can sydney prescott live in peace


but I need to know if Kirby is still alive
Sent by _Adidas_,Mar 4, 2018
THEY aren鈥檛.
Sent by 5651Omar,Mar 4, 2018
Let me be more clear, Scream 5 is NOT happening. At least, not even being thought of at the moment. For 2 very big and important reasons.

1. Wes Craven, horror icon and director of the first 4 films, has sadly past away. Rest in Paradise.
2. Harvey Weinstein. Must i say more?
Sent by 5651Omar,Mar 4, 2018

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