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  1. breathin
  2. I’m in love with you
  3. are you the one castings
  4. thanks for the surprise gift!
  5. ali chen
  6. I accidentally got so high on this edible
  7. the nicest celeb i ever met
  8. being mexican is funny
  9. How the hell did brayden get banned
  10. saving ts to gift haleigh
  11. blandgela stans were saying haleigh can’t win a..
  13. top 10 female artists
  14. why is Shane dawson
  15. stop voting
  16. this is my fave part of the season
  17. me and rachel jumping angela
  18. im officially banned from postmates
  19. ok im goth now
  20. stars support ✨
  21. Haleigh is winning bb20
  22. I s2g If bayleigh uses her power
  23. Rachel was my preseason fave
  24. Haleigh stans rise
  25. gummy multivitamins
  26. Jesus is coming back soon!!!
  27. im both depressed and dumbass bitch
  28. im crying
  29. how do people
  30. ariana's new era is flopping
  31. its a girls night out
  32. Me watching
  33. omg!!
  35. tbh
  36. I truly don’t think
  37. i miss dangerous woman era
  38. my mood is
  39. girl
  40. sam is dumb

Krista snapped

Feb 9, 2018 by Nichole98

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