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  1. trump supporters are hideous
  2. kissing men with facial hair
  3. literally
  4. music snobs are boring
  5. i wish ariana sampled good morning baltimore
  6. good girls on netflix
  7. my friend is getting lip fillers tomorrow
  8. my umbrella broke
  9. ohmygod
  10. who did costume design for jake gylenhaal
  11. my professor looks like
  12. why do girls in college
  13. me tomorrow
  14. i went all the way to the library for work
  15. im like deceased
  16. I’m watching beastly for the first time and like
  17. rita ora kidnapped beyonce
  18. jlo making a whole career for herself
  19. I’ll gift whoever guesses my fave britney song
  20. lady gaga be like
  21. Lindsay Lohan’s beach club
  22. this is krista
  23. I want to work at lindsay Lohan’s beach club
  24. im thin im blonde
  25. why was kurt on glee
  26. but im no whore
  27. I dyed my hair and it turned out so bad
  28. thank god i have plans tonite
  29. someone called khloe kardashian an Armenian ogre
  30. what do you guys name ketamine?
  31. what are some good scary movies
  32. my fave movies of 2018 were
  33. hereditary
  34. my brother made me watch terrifier with him
  35. that little albino boy who always negs my blog
  36. cardi b's music video for money is everything
  37. jojo
  38. jojo re-recorded
  39. i CANNOT stand
  40. the soundtrack for vox lux is so good

Krista snapped

Feb 9, 2018 by Nichole98

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