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  1. Hey who remembers me?
  2. And im still poppin
  3. This website still exists?
  4. I need a new username for a website
  5. Oh Tengaged
  6. Im baaack
  7. Im gagging
  8. so Cirie needs to win this season
  9. Lol this site is still a thing
  10. Am I slaying this hair or nah
  11. Ok who wants blonde deluxe
  12. I have a lot of t's
  13. Anyone play smite on PC
  14. CBB is so explicit
  15. Honestly if Schatar ran for President
  16. Drag queens are so gross
  17. Actually I feel like they have ACTUAL people
  18. Anyone use to play VMK
  19. Is this what tengaged
  20. I dont get why
  21. Bye :(
  22. Omg Tabatha got kicked off
  23. Literally me
  24. Im dying
  25. That cast
  26. The new BGC cast ranking
  27. Somebody negged all my blogs
  28. Ugh going through my blogs
  29. Honestly.
  30. Lol can I have some salt for my fries???
  31. Dont delete your blog
  32. People are still talking about Nicole
  33. OK so should I filter this picture
  34. Wait what is THIS!!
  35. Im the only person that still come on
  36. Julie needs to be stopped.
  37. He's retarded
  38. What is this emotion im feeling
  39. Frankie wasnt considered over the top??
  40. Oh no get them the fuck out

CBB is so explicit

Nov 15, 2016 by Mrlincoln2u
Like you literally can see penis on youtube.. Like how is that allowed? LOL. Like I saw frankie grandes ass. Ew


also hey Sundai
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Nov 15, 2016
I wasn't complaining when I saw Lewis Bloor's penis
Sent by Balls,Nov 15, 2016
There was no censorship. I SAW penis of the houseguest like clear as day. LOL and I love Sundai.
Sent by Mrlincoln2u,Nov 15, 2016
Balls I wasn't either xD I probably watched it 10 times.
Sent by Mrlincoln2u,Nov 15, 2016

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