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#3 Underrated Housewives 🏡

Aug 23, 2019 by Matthew09
imageN.Y.🍎 - Dorinda Medley : “I tell it like it is, but I always make it nice.”
I can’t explain how perfectly fit to a cast Dorinda was to N.Y. She was JUST as crazy as the originals and to me seemed just like an original from the beginning even though she joined as a new housewife. Her addition to N.Y. was a HIT, kudos Andy you struck gold. Comedy gold that is, when Dorinda loses it she’s like the type to blackout. “You better back that shit up” She’s like the drunken Aunt that always causes a scene at events after having far too many cocktails. 😂😂😂😩 I mean she is a GIF QUEEN.



Dorinda? underrated? mama shes basically the star
Sent by Judi,Aug 23, 2019
But she will never be an original 😩😩 so she stays underrated Judi
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 23, 2019
i love her but idt shes underrated
Sent by Lemjam6,Aug 23, 2019
I’m basing this more on the fact at how they were not originals to start Lemjam6 and they came on the show and made their marks. Imo underrated by that definition. I’ve only had 2 originals on this list, Alex McCord & Jo De La Rosa
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 23, 2019
Oh and Danielle but she left the show and returned.
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 23, 2019
If anything she’s overrated
Sent by tharealmike,Aug 23, 2019
Ridiculous she’s a star
Sent by Chic,Aug 24, 2019
shes an icon mama
Sent by LovelyKiss,Aug 24, 2019

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