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  1. I’m SHOOK!
  2. You can stand under my umbrella
  3. Morgan
  4. Might be moving to Alaska!
  5. Just take one step at a time
  6. Tamar
  7. Australian Open 2019 starts today
  8. If I had a female crush on this site
  9. There is like nothing to do
  10. Rip Cowboys :3
  11. I can’t watch this game!
  12. For those of you who don’t know me
  13. Meghan Trainor is the real queen of pop
  15. I love how racist the sport of tennis
  16. Manila Luzon
  17. Lmao I know I’m late
  18. Andy Murray retires from tennis 🙀🙀
  19. Not a big Trinity The Tuck fan
  20. Y’all know me
  21. Doesn’t
  22. Ranking the original Mob Wives cast
  23. “Don’t Funk It Up”
  24. I’ve made f2
  25. Tammie Brown
  26. This whole Rkelly vs Aaliyah docu
  27. Manila is the underdog now idc
  28. Me: 2019 is going to be my year
  29. I think the cowboys can beat the rams
  30. The Dallas Cowboys DID that last night!!
  31. Cowboys 2 wins away
  32. COWBOYSSSSS!!! 💙💙
  33. I don’t know why
  34. Whoever negged me
  35. Alcoholism is a disease
  36. The black guy in Birdbox
  37. Good week
  38. Spurs vs Raptors
  39. My dad asked me how
  40. Dua Lipa is highkey overrated

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May 15, 2018 by Matthew09


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