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  4. We Brazilians have made many mistakes!
  5. Banishing that does not occur and should!
  6. Who owns the multi @Casillas?

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OMG!!! Jul 14, 2018
A "white background" for $430, how cheap! I plan to buy two, for something that took 5 seconds to copy from google images and put the sale for that ridiculous value. HAHAHA
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Sorry about getting things off my chest like that... May 7, 2018
Survivor game no longer has logic!

Many put multis in tribes just to harm who wants to play properly.
Many just come in closed to other people, and eliminate even if they are the best of the tribe.

The question is because I'm Brazilian @ shaunpat7 BigBrotherDonny VeronicaLeigh and Aquaria?

I since day 1, I dedicated myself to the new tribe. I was not with my old tribe mates, I communicated and was actually open to giving my best for the tribe.

I did not harm the tribe by eating or drinking all the water.
I did not sabotage challenge, even though I knew I could be eliminated, and do you know why?

Because I believed in you @ shawnpat7 and @VeronicaLeight! I believed that there would be good Americans and that they would consider my dedication!

I was the second best scorer in the challenge, I hunted and did everything correctly, and what did I win? 18th!
I'm exhausted about this, I think it does not mean more to play Survivor, even though I love the game proposal. For people like you!

Aquaria, I myself voted for PunkPrincess, because it took 50% of the water and made 0 point in the challenge, and I know she sabotaged her charity. But, you deserve this and more, and you know why? You are despicable, arrogant and indeed honor the name "Aquaria", which is identical to that unbearable of the RPDR.

But that's it, congratulations! You have eliminated me and now you are enjoying the victory of the tribe, with part of my help and second best score in the challenge.

This is fair? I believe that "justice" is something that in this site ceased to exist a long time!

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Can we conclude that we are hypocrites? Apr 17, 2018
We hate multis ...
We hate who asks for help for the "friend" to play the challenge in Survivor, Frookies and Hunger games ...
We hate everything that is theoretically "wrong."

But, a person who has rednose in the face ( rozlyn) has support and remains in a stars game. A little bit stupid, do not you think?
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We Brazilians have made many mistakes! Apr 14, 2018
I admit, I often go into games with my Brazilian friends without trying to meet the other participants (American and Spanish)

And that is so wrong, even more I love the Spanish culture, which I appreciate American programs and their musical culture.

There is no logic to "hating" people from other countries and in my life I always admired and liked.

So I apologize for this, and I will always try to try to get to know each other in new games, without discriminating on the basis of nationality.

If we do not agree to this discrimination, we have to do our part ... and I will start doing mine. <3

#fasting #casting #frookies #rookies #survivor
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Banishing that does not occur and should! Apr 4, 2018
Randomize has banned multiple multi accounts, but forgot the Casillas that is a multi of FighterMan and only serves to harm people who try to play survivor game. He is an empty, foolish person who finds it pleasurable to harm everyone in the tribe and then makes high scores on the challenges of individual immunity.

So randomize, if you want to ban multi accounts, start with those big accounts that do a lot more damage, than these white / yellow level accounts, which can only go into simple games (fasting and casting)
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Who owns the multi @Casillas? Apr 1, 2018
How can a person be such an idiot? Casillas enter survivor to sabotage a tribe, because it is a worm and has no ability to merge honestly and cleanly? I'm disgusted and sorry for you, you crap!

In fact, my disgust and contempt is not for the multi but for whoever is behind this stupid profile.
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