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  24. pushes down finale blog
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  28. Posted Purple MALE hair! 250ts!
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  40. oreo270 spelled backwards is oreo270


19thNov 6, 2017 by M_Davis1998
We should be able to put our ts away somewhere where they grow interest. The longer we keep them where we can't use them, the more they grow. Lets say you make .1t for every 10ts each 24 hours. So if you leave 100ts in for a day, it will now be 101t. Lets say you leave 100ts in for 10 days, you would now have 110ts. If you leave 1000ts locked up for 10 days, you will now have 1100ts. It is solely based on the original amount of ts you put in.

This is a very flawed idea but it would be something to possibly help the T-conomy



Sent by gkg0718,Nov 6, 2017
I like it but I dont see him doing it :-(
Sent by Krisstea,Nov 6, 2017
Sent by scooby0000,Nov 6, 2017
Yes! I will put my 18,000 T$ in!
Sent by NoChildSupport,Nov 6, 2017

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