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Anyone else noticevote Feb 24, 2018
Celebrity Big Brother using frookies final 5 for their final 5
Points: 18 1 comments
I broke 3k karmavote Feb 24, 2018
Points: 40 3 comments
Cheap White Background!vote Feb 23, 2018
Points: 15 0 comments
TG Random.org All Star Stars (RESULTS)vote Feb 23, 2018
With 55% of the vote, iYBF is the winner of TG All Star Stars!

16th: Alanb1 (56% vs. Grrrimabear)
15th: Cornelia (68% vs. Ametrine)
14th: Allison (80% vs. Maturo)
13th: Aquamarine (67% vs. BigMamaT)
12th: Halloween (100% vs. Grrrimabear)
11th: Oliviaxoxo (67% vs. Marrrss)
10th: Maturo (80% vs. BengalBoy)
9th: BigMamaT (78% vs. Grrrimbear)
8th: Ametrine (66% vs. Grrimabear)
7th: BengalBoy (55% vs. Grrimabear)
6th: Roshy (52% vs. iYBF)
5th: Damo1990 (80% vs. Grrrimabear)
4th: Marrrss (71% vs. iYBF)
3rd: Bamold1999 (8% of final vote)
2nd: Grrrimabear (38% of final vote)
1st: iYBF (55% of final vote)

Congrats Anthony!

What is this? https://tengaged.com/blog/M_Davis1998/8482415/tg-randomorg-all-star-stars-cast-reveal-week-1
Points: 30 1 comments
Stars 482 Tributes. Feb 9, 2018
16th - Christossss - I wish we could have worked together but it just didn't work out this game. Ill still support you in every stars you are in :)

15th - Matthew24 - We didn't really talk much during the game. I'm sorry that this happened, but you need to talk to the players to stay in the game.

14th - YuNoLOVEME - Idk where we stand tbh. I think you are cool, we just didn't work out i guess?

13th - Melindamrskk - I like you still other than the fact that you tried making me a set quite a bit of time after you were out of the game? Stay out of the house chat when you are out of the game. Thanks.

12th - iYBF - Honestly i only came for you because you were so popular and were going to have connections further in the game. This was the ideal time to take you out in order to keep the numbers on my side going forward. I really did enjoy the time we got to work together and hope we can be friends outside the game.

11th - Tyler - Sorry. I don't hate you, i promise.

10th - Moneyneil - I really hope you are doing okay Zay! Wish we could have worked together! Hope you come back soon!

9th - Yoshicoolman - Turning on you was hard, but i know for a fact you were playing both sides so this had to be done. Hope we can be friends outside the game!

8th - JourdanBabyxoxo - You are a great person, but the numbers didn't work in the favor of us continuing to work together. Hope we can be friends outside the game.

Bryce - <3 you, if you nommed me, that was a smart move, but it didn't work out since i left lol. Good luck, slay for me! :) Ametrine

Jake - You are gonna win unless multis have something to say about it. Congrats. I think we have a good chance of being friends after this game even though we didn't work together the whole time. I enjoyed meeting the legend that is Cornelia :)

Alanb1 - I don't know if you locked me in or not. Im not mad, i just wanna know lol. I really value our friendship and im glad we got to play together. You are an amazing person :) Good luck against Josh for 5th!

Josh742 - Eh, i never trusted you tbh. Good luck against Alan for 5th

Heatherlum - You are a crazy person who i have no idea what goes through your mind every day lol. I love you so much heather, you are amazing! Good luck for 4th against jason tbh lol

TJ2807 - My stars 482 winner - Love you Jason! Go unnommed or you won't win, kay? Honestly gl against heather for 4th lol

Overall i did enjoy this game however i doubt i ever play stars on this account again. My mental health is much more important. Im not sure if i made or lost more friends during this game. I hope no one is too mad at me.

M_Davis1998 - OUT!
Points: 79 3 comments
SUPPORT TJ2807 IN STARS Feb 8, 2018
I have been fighting all game for this not to happen. I have been in the majority up to now. I am 16/20 on noms. I have been in control up until now. I have been called out as a threat for the second half of the game that has been played. I have been in a set for a while, and i guess i just couldn't help it this time. My best friends decided to turn on me so what else can i do? I made a move to take out the lab, and it worked, so now i am the new target. Im ready to take on the people who i thought i could trust the most. No one is going unnominated if i have anything to say about it.

Press Bluestar1367's button >>> https://tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-180788
Points: 242 6 comments