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  1. I'm so looking forward to tomorrows finale!
  2. This is an awkward ass question!
  3. Just watched the music video
  4. Hi everyone!
  5. I am so freaking pissed off right now
  6. Holy crap!
  7. What has the world come to?
  8. hi!
  9. Shop owners!!!
  10. Hey everyone!
  11. Iconic stars cast!
  12. What is up?
  13. Hi!
  14. Night Tengaged!
  15. Hi, any of my friends still on
  16. I want to get the christmas hat
  17. Does any shop owner
  18. Just watched last nights episode
  19. Someone that’s up at this hour
  20. Hey everyone!
  21. Why does Jeff hate this season so much?
  22. The true winners of The Challenge
  23. Hey everyone!
  24. I'm so upset with DWTS!
  25. My thoughts on The Challenge episode today
  26. Hey everyone!
  27. I absolutely hate Banana's!
  28. Julie Chen slaying!
  29. So glad big brother is over today
  30. Has part one or two happened yet?
  31. Does anyone know who's getting evicted?
  32. Haven't logged on here in over 10 days
  33. I assume I'm probably not the only one
  34. I watched Kam's vlog
  35. I quit watching BB20 a few weeks ago
  36. At this moment
  37. What is honestly Fessy's plan
  38. Who is renom going to be?
  39. Who is going home on thursday?
  40. BB20 eviction

I really hope Sam survives this week

Jun 28, 2018 by M2thamax
She OWNED the premiere episode!

And Winston is HOT < 3


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