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Nominated for 4th : Stars 191

12thJul 14, 2012 by M2thamax
imageHi Tengaged! I am here during my first stars game and nominated for 4th and finally nominated for the first time! I have been playing this game as hard as I possibly could,even though it is my first stars! I have stuck with my origional alliance and stayed loyal and trustworthy,I've made the right moves,lied when I needed to,and am playing the game how it will help myself get farther! Whether it be renomming or what not! Whatever it takes to get myself farther in the game! :)

Also,ever since day 1,EVERY nomination has gone how I wanted and all of my noms have gone though,so hopefully atleast that shows I'm doing something in the game! I know some of the public didnt agree with some of the noms,but it still got me this far,didnt it!

Obviously today,people flipped,and I guess they see me as a threat since I havent been nominated yet! In the past few days,the target on my back has gotten bigger and bigger,yet,I still stayed off the block! Hopefully that shows my hardwork and dedication in this game! Im NOT giving up! PLEASE send me back into the house,so I can make my tengaged dream come true! I want finals SO BAD!  I am so close,that I can taste it! Please tengaged! This is a dream!  < 333

Thank you to the supporters for having faith in me! And I am forever grateful for any saves!

Goodluck Cory! I love you! You are amazing!



Sent by gr33nisland,Jul 14, 2012
Sent by TheThomas,Jul 14, 2012
gl max :) !
Sent by bellajennaxo,Jul 14, 2012
Plussed and will save u
Sent by yoshi9999,Jul 14, 2012
good luck max!
Sent by Saturns_Rings,Jul 14, 2012
+12, good luck ^^
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,Jul 14, 2012
i accidently clicked vote on your name thinking that it will evict the other person! :( sorry.
Sent by scottyarwood,Jul 14, 2012
although i plussed and saved you before going to bed... i realised i didnt comment

here's 0.1T < 3 :* jk gl ^_^
Sent by Inkread,Jul 14, 2012
Good luck hun!
Sent by sdriver999,Jul 14, 2012
good luck max
Sent by Blondie9122,Jul 14, 2012
Sent by myiel,Jul 14, 2012

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