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  1. time for a depression nap
  2. judi you're getting a hard spanking tonight
  3. i hate randomly getting logged out OMG
  4. describe your ass using only a picture
  5. will lexeyjane ever finish a drunk PYN
  6. obsessed with charmed
  7. i can not stop listening to Charli
  8. i love penis
  10. if i became a mod on this site
  11. stroking my huge fat cock rn
  12. that is the ugliest top trending
  13. somebody post this in shops and
  14. has anybody seen sue
  15. And I'm 1% African!!!!
  16. if anybody cares you (demo) by marina
  17. anybody wanna be my make believe bf
  18. whoever started the rumor im deleting blogs
  19. i ship lexeydawson12345
  20. does liking pokemon make u a furry
  21. OMG gabriel is a king
  22. cock
  23. going to a wedding tomorrow
  24. is having a black avi when you're white
  25. with this new florida hurricane
  26. do fat people have feelings
  27. i finally got my tax return and it was
  28. im offering to suck dick eat ass
  29. if kindred isnt a girl
  30. remember when just being deletes friend
  31. cant go on call with delete anymore
  32. maturo ran over my dog and just kept going
  33. anybody watch charmed
  34. anybody elses BMI under 18?
  35. i have to get a physical tomorrow for college
  36. do any drugs you want because
  37. when do you think tengaged peaked
  38. i hope my future husband hits me
  39. im homo
  40. am i a villain?

if anybody cares you (demo) by marina

Sep 11, 2019 by LovelyKiss
finally leaked and its superior


thats nice and we stan period
any particular rsn u don't like me or r u just jumpin on a hype train 4 fun
Sent by peace123,Sep 11, 2019
peace123 if gabriel blogs i comment.. thats my dad!
Sent by LovelyKiss,Sep 11, 2019
are you fishing for his nudes too? lovelykiss x<3
Sent by Akeria,Sep 11, 2019
LovelyKiss period sis he used to be my dad until he ditched all his friends for a 16 year old that doesn't like him but thats besides the point
I remember liking u when I was younger and I think we were friends at one point but lately i've been seeing passive aggressive or shady posts so... I wanted to see whats good x hope ur doin well these days
Sent by peace123,Sep 11, 2019
we were never friends?
and to respond to your blog since you're a pussy and had to filter me

1) I am meeting James as friends, solely friends. (I get it, you don't know what that is since u don't have any)
2) He is very aware and we talked about it 100x times before
3) I am not defending Racism. I tell ben to stop saying those stuff 100000x daily and im not friends with Nicky. What i don't think it is right is attention whores like you who have said the same shit multiple times before playing the social justice warrior on tengaged to get some attention.
4) You can tell the people in your group chat to neg my blog and plus yours. I literally do not care whatsoever.
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Sep 11, 2019
send the link please i need ittt lovelykiss
Sent by Eaurea,Sep 11, 2019
1/2. It sounds like u need to check ur friends then. Multiple ppl r telling me james doesnt know... If this isn't true sounds like u need some new friends LMAO my 40 person chat is thriving with ppl i love and trust on tengay dot com
3. You came for me for no rsn while I was attacking racists. Thus, ur defending racism. Idc if ben is ur soulmate, u shoulda kept quiet if u rly cared
4. I only told my group chat to plus mine and I haven't even spammed the one who would care more about this than my chat. People are onto you and thats solely the reason my blog got plussed and yours was negged. Like I said stop it and get help
Sweetie I'm so sorry this is happening here lovelykiss LMAO
Sent by peace123,Sep 11, 2019
peace123 then u gotta check ur fonts before making a blog because James knows damn well what we're planning
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Sep 11, 2019
peace123 plus sweetie, you're not filtered! you can comment on my blog as much as you want, but again, you're just an attention whore trying to get attention from a dead website making blogs calling people out :3
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Sep 11, 2019

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