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I’m ded

Mar 19, 2024 by LooseyLaduca
At people crying racism in the stars chat as if my blog didn’t go from 195 to 55 points because .es and .br users ganged up on me just for calling out another .es player who was treating me like shit 😭


Who treated you like shit?
Sent by Antogaga,Mar 19, 2024
You girl!
Sent by LooseyLaduca,Mar 19, 2024
I treated you unpleasantly for defaming me and holding me responsible for things that are not true. It's not fair that you tarnish my game, when you know that I am doing things well and without stepping over anyone.
Sent by Antogaga,Mar 19, 2024
Yes ++ antogaga Is bullier and Bad perdón
Sent by niceboy_ed,Mar 19, 2024
Sent by niceboy_ed,Mar 19, 2024
Ya deja de hablar de mi loko, estoy pasando de ti, porque me doy cuenta que pasas los límites de inmadurez.

Para mí no existes y no tendrás ningún trato más de mi parte, ni bueno ni malo, así que haz lo mismo conmigo.
Sent by Antogaga,Mar 19, 2024

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