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Loganz Gaga Blog

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i want it Mar 15, 2019
.i got it
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it's kinda bad when... Mar 15, 2019
a user can flaunt getting someone banned when there was no justification to it. admin this the kinda site you wanna run? #iYBF
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why is rookies an activity circle jerk Mar 15, 2019
when it could more simulate actual bb? like i get frookies exists... but what's the POINT if you have a life and can't compete with people who live and breathe tengaged? end quote
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thank u, next has no skips Mar 13, 2019
and that's just facts...
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my record is finally starting to look acceptable Mar 13, 2019
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why does tengaged actively still use skype Mar 12, 2019
when discord exists... make it make sense
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