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  1. Honestly
  2. Makes me fucking cringe and laugh
  3. Thank god someone is speaking up about that skype..
  4. People are pressed over anything lmfao...
  5. Who wants to play a Survivor Skype Game <3
  6. It's so annoying when you finally have a good day
  7. It saddens me seeing people struggle with mental..
  8. I'm sorry but people on here are ridiculous ...
  9. It feels better when you aren't arguing with..
  10. Hey everyone <3
  11. I want Danni so badly too win omg!
  12. Miss. Crackhead on this website
  13. One worded opinions on the BB21 Cast...
  14. I'm sick of crackheads on this website
  15. I swear some people are barefaced ridiculous
  16. Is there any Mum's on here I can ask a question? (..
  17. Christie when she gets evicted this week!
  18. My mood RN
  19. Me @ People actually liking Analyse
  20. (My favourite Big Brother players of all time)
  21. Why do so many of us provoke situations??
  22. This is me to Fiona
  23. #TheFuckingTea
  24. I don't like Sameed or Fiona
  25. me at my comment getting deleted
  26. It disgusts me
  27. Is it weird
  28. I feel like I mean well but it's sometimes..
  29. I've had enough of being bullied all the time.
  30. I'm sick of the hate in this world...
  31. Me when I didn't get tagged on the straight boys..
  32. Cutting all of your friends off is the best thing
  33. Me when Sameed was racist on call again
  34. I think It's my time to return to stars <3
  35. There has to come a point where,
  36. Hey how have you all been <3
  37. On Episode 5 of The Amazing Race Season 8 ( FAMILY..
  38. It's such a weird feeling losing someone
  39. I don't agree with a lot of things...
  40. SAY YOU WILL...

My mood RN

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love u xx
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