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still waiting Apr 7, 2024
to know what i said that was xenophobic pavaneli

and don't say it's me correcting your english cause i didn't even do it offensively. you used the wrong version of a word and i told u what the right one is.

ill wait
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the most xenophobic thing ive done Apr 7, 2024
is nom 2 #1 friends in stars for 16th

get over it
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damn i sit offline Apr 7, 2024
and people still wanna talk about me

seek professional help you weird freak pavaneli
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anyone else have a gloopy hole? Apr 6, 2024
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Stop the obsession Apr 6, 2024
kingb24, we Brazilians arent eating your hairy stinky ass full of feces nailed to it. You can keep your inner desires about my dick in your head while I live my life not knowing who the hell you are

And with perfect english this time so that you don't have anything to judge, xenophobic teacher
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I don鈥檛 come in here often Apr 3, 2024
But just came to say I got accepted into college and will be starting a degree soon 馃グ
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