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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Johto Big Brother - 55

Dec 17, 2021 by LittleMix
HoH: Sneasel (1 POV)
Noms: Houndour (1 HoH, 3 POVs, 1 Nom) & Murkrow (2 HoHs, 1 POV)
Veto Winner: Houndour (1 HoH, 3 POVs, 1 Nom), used on himself.
Noms: Murkrow (2 HoHs, 1 POV) & Celebi (2 Noms)

Vote to evict either Murkrow or Celebi.

Boot List:
41st: Corsola (Evicted against Heracross. 8-2) One nomination. Two HoHs.
42nd: Cyndaquil (Evicted against Typhlosion. 8-7) Five nominations.
43rd: Ho-Oh (Evicted against Lanturn. 7-4) Two Nominations. Two HoHs. One POV.
44th: Sunflora (Evicted against Cyndaquil. 14-12) One Nomination. Two HoHs. Two POVs.
45th: Slugma (Evicted against Quagsire. 6-4-0) One Nomination. One HoH.
46th: Granbull (Evicted against Quagsire & Slugma 6-4-0) One Nomination.
47th: Magby (Walked from house.) One Nomination. One HoH. One POV.
48th: Pichu (Evicted against Espeon. 7-4) Three Nominations. One POV.
49th: Dunsparce (Evicted against Porygon2. 7-5) One Nom.
50th: Pineco (Evicted against Quagsire. 12-4) One Nomination. Two POVs.
51st: Crobat (Evicted against Scizor. 9-6) Two Nominations.
52nd: Raikou (Evicted against Bellossom. 10-8) Two Nominations.
53rd: Qwilfish (Evicted against Elekid. 6-4) One Nomination. Two HoHs. Two POVs.
54th: Jumpluff (Evicted against Aipom. 9-3) Two Nominations.
55th: Togepi (Evicted against Mareep. 7-6) Two Nominations. One POV.
56th: Stantler (Evicted against Slowking. 8-1) Two Nominations. One HoH. Two POVs.
57th: Umbreon (Evicted against Donphan. 6-4-1) One Nomination.
58th: Mantine (Evicted against Donphan & Umbreon. 6-4-1) Two Nominations. One HoH. One POV.
59th: Lugia (Evicted against Heracross. 6-6 broke tie) Two Nominations. One HoH. One POV.
60th: Chikorita (Evicted against Totodile. 5-3) One Nomination.
61st: Spinarak (Evicted against Forretress. 9-3) One Nomination. One HoH.
62nd: Tyrogue (Evicted against Quilava. 9-3) One Nomination.
63rd: Larvitar (Evicted against Kingdra. 10-2) One Nomination. One HoH.
64th: Furret (Evicted against Celebi. 5-2) Two Nominations. One POV.
65th: Skarmory (Evicted against Crobat. 6-4) Two Nominations.
66th: Igglybuff (Evicted against Lugia. 8-2) One Nomination. One HoH. One POV.
67th: Sentret (Evicted against Smoochum. 6-5) One Nomination. One HoH.
68th: Politoed (Evicted against Celebi. 7-6-0) One Nomination.
69th: Girafarig (Evicted against Celebi & Politoed. 7-6-0) Two Nominations.
70th: Ursaring (Evicted against Furret. 7-2) Two Nominations. One POV.
71st: Sudowoodo (Evicted against Ursaring. 4-2) One Nomination.
72nd: Noctowl (Evicted against Stantler. 4-2) One Nomination.
73rd: Steelix (Evicted against Bayleef. 6-5) One Nomination.
74th: Natu (Evicted against Bayleef. 14-2) One Nomination.
75th: Marill (Evicted against Azumarill. 7-6) One Nomination.
76th: Sunkern (Evicted against Suicune. 7-4) One Nomination.
77th: Tyranitar (Evicted against Togepi. 10-7) One Nomination.
78th: Xatu (Evicted against Heracross. 6-2) One Nomination. One HoH.
79th: Togetic (Evicted against Houndoom. 7-5-2) Two Nominations.
80th: Ledyba (Evicted against Houndoom & Togetic. 7-5-2) One Nomination.
81st: Hoothoot (Evicted against Suicune. 6-3) One Nomination.
82nd: Cleffa (Evicted against Togetic. 8-3) One Nomination. One HoH.
83rd: Snubbull (Evicted against Houndour) 8-3) One Nomination. One HoH. One POV.
84th: Feraligatr (Evicted against Aipom. 10-5) One Nomination.
85th: Pupitar (Evicted against Cyndaquil. 9-1) One Nomination.
86th: Entei (Evicted against Pichu. 9-5) One Nomination. One HoH.
87th: Hoppip (Evicted against Magby. 8-2) One Nomination.
88th: Teddiursa (Evicted against Quilava. 8-6) One Nomination. One POV.
89th: Yanma (Evicted against Skarmory. 12-3) One Nomination.
90th: Piloswine (Evicted against Cyndaquil. 11-3-2) One Nomination.
91st: Unown (Evicted against Cyndaquil & Piloswine. 11-3-2) One Nomination.
92nd: Chinchou (Evicted against Cyndaquil. 7-4) One Nomination.
93rd: Flaaffy (Evicted against Ho-Oh. 12-8) One Nomination.
94th: Swinub (Evicted against Jumpluff. 9-5) One nomination.
95th: Croconaw (Evicted against Porygon2. 7-6) One Nomination.
96th: Ariados (Evicted against Ampharos. 10-0) One Nomination.
97th: Gligar (Evicted against Pichu. 8-6) One Nomination.
98th: Shuckle (Evicted against Mantine. 7-6) One Nomination.
99th: Ledian (Evicted against Girafarig. 9-4) One Nomination.
100th: Delibird (Evicted against Raikou. 12-2) One Nomination.


Cast List:


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