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Calling out Ametrine!

14thJun 5, 2018 by Lazeric
imageAmetrine you’re a fucking disgusting human being that I want no ties or connection with you or your name to even be attached to mine. You love saying slick remarks and I’m down with your bs! You should stay out of Stars games that your aren’t involved in trying to be relevant like the only reason people talk to you is because of your mulits and with or without them you’re nothing, WORTHLESS, and a waste of space you resemble the Church shooter sooo much are planning to shoot something up I mean look at you! Like Imagine logging in on multis thinking you’re popping when no one gives a fuck about you just your mulits .. you’re a sad friend, you have a sad life and sad individual seek help!


If ur gonna come for me, use a better mug shot????
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 5, 2018
Not the church shooter pic
Sent by konohavillage1,Jun 5, 2018
But yeah let’s totally make fun of a church shooting! Glad you’re just as sick and dimented as he is :)!!
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 5, 2018
I’m not making fun of anything? There’s a principal of the site and everyone comes on here to have fun not be multied out of games like I barely know you Ametrine
Sent by Lazeric,Jun 5, 2018
You barely know me but you think I resemble a shooter? Wtf are you even talking about, your IQ literally matches the brain dead vegetable Ity990, so you coming from me bringing up a traumatic event is very moronic of you. And tbh, the multis THAF commented in the pollbox aren’t mine, I just asked a friend to use husband evict you because you ****spam!!!****
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 5, 2018
His to*
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 5, 2018
Ametrine you always have something slick to say to me like who the fuck are you so you’re finally getting the attention that your asking for so there you go done and done!
Sent by Lazeric,Jun 5, 2018
If you don’t know him than dont “call him out”
How can you call him out when you don’t know the first thing about him? Mind ya own business
Sent by Fetish,Jun 5, 2018
Sent by Lazeric,Jun 5, 2018
Lazeric wut
Sent by Fetish,Jun 5, 2018
Fetish he’s mad cause he got evicted and he wants everyone to feel sympathy for him so he has to blame multis to make himself feel better.
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 5, 2018
Sent by eric_136,Jun 5, 2018

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